Achilles heel

Achilles Heel

2016  Beijing

walking in the old city of Beijing, which is called “Hutong” area , that is usually just three to four meters’ wide, the parking cars make the tight-packed living area even more crowded. Therefore, people have to deal with the scarcity of the space on a daily basis.

While these parking cars narrow down Hutong by taking up the space for pedestrians, the lined-up cars become the new wall of Hutong. And a lot of them have some kinds of coverage over their wheels on the street side, which are made with different materials in various shapes. Some are wooden boards cut to fit the wheels; some are discarded items like a cupboard door that barely cover the wheels. The perfect modern machine armored with steel covered by these crapped looking boards form the intriguing collage. But the real function of these covers is to prevent the urine of the dogs that also live in Hutong,as it is believed the urine of the animal will do the harm to the tires, but on the dogs side, they simply pee to declare their territory. This competition for the space expose the weakness of a almighty human product..