1 m2

1 m2

Beijing 2017

The price of land in Beijing has soared rocket high in recent years,that has reached an average of 100.000 Renminbi per square meter in the city center, which is approximately the one year salary of average people live and work in Beijing . The pursue of buying an apartment becomes the goal of many people in the city, and the price of selling the land is also a big profit of the government. we did some research of the precise price in different areas in the city, and paint the price in a square of 1m2 area on the ground in front of subway station in different locations close to city center. I want to use this to interact with the people whose dreams are confined by the price of 1 m2 and face it directly to realize the absurdity of it. But some of them has not survived long, when cleaner of the subway station paint the price off, maybe they see it as a type of advertisement along with others painted on the ground.

collaborated with:

Lin WanYi: www.victoria-wanyi-lin.com


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